Götterspeise is discribed in the „about“ section on this lovely blog (in German), it is my one person catering service, with the certain personal Katha-twist in it. Götterspeise is fun in the kitchen, is self-taught rudimentary sophistication, is city picnic and salad in a glass, is Aperos, is candle light dinners is whatever you need and  and I can do. Including my best friends‘ wedding this week.

Supperheroes is something else. It is an opportunity for many people to cook together. I qualify you as a Supperheroe if you:

– are passionate about organic food

– believe in „as regional“ and „as seasonal“ and „as fairtrade“ and „as conscious“ as possible.

– are interested in cooking with many people for many people in temporary kitchen set-ups or borrowed restaurant and school kitchens.

– are young and fun and have ambitions to create a change in this world

– are willing to work hard for not so much money (and often as a volunteer)

– are interested in quality of nutrition, in elegance, in real taste and indulgence (coffee, chocolate, wine), in finding out how things are produced (pasta, truffee), where they come from, in learning how to make things yourself.

Supperheroes appears at youth gatherings such as the Sense Festival in Sweden last June ( and the undjetzt?! conference in Germany in August ( Supperheroes appears where it is needed, where the kitchen can be a part of the event it is catering for, where the food is concidered a vital part of the program it feed and the nutrition is understood as a base for learning, thinking, creating alternatives for this world…

Supperheroes is food for social entrepreneurs!


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